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About CBC
Along the way, is good even better
CBC Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a pharmaceutical manufacturer with a rich history. It was set up in Shanghai in 1943 and relocated in Taiwan since 1949. We are always seeking for better products, services and managements and this is what makes us successful in the pharmaceutical market for 60 years.

In 2006, we participated in a new technology development project led by the Minister of Economic Affairs, which helped us increased our productivity greatly. Our major product lines are pharmaceutical products (ointment, cream, gel, external solution, tablet, coated tablet and capsule) and health foods.

Since one of our major customer channels is dermatological clinics, our medical beauty care products are developed under the supervision of professional dermatologists. A big difference between our medical beauty care products and that from others is that we are a professional pharmaceutical company.

Our manufacturer is cGMP proved and our quality meets the strict standard of medical products. Now, we have series of products developed for the young generation.

After being in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, we have established a very compete sales team and sales channels and have become business partners with many international pharmaceutical companies.

In 2005, we acquired CBC Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Shin Sheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd now owns a complete supply chain which includes R&D, manufacturer, distribution and promotion teams.

We would not have achieved so much without the warm support and encouragement from our customers and principals. Please continue to support and motivate us. We will develop better and safer products in return.
Product lines
Pharmaceutical products, medical advices, health food products, and cosmetics products

Channels : Medical centers, hospitals, clinics, drugstore, beauty centers, optics shops

Land purchased in Yi-Lan for the preparation of 3rd pharmaceutical manufacturer.
The pharmaceutical manufacturer is approved by PIC/S GMP.
Have developed of 24-hour-sustained and film-coated tablets of the food persistent in health food products.
Implemented PIC/S GMP plan and expanded the quality control, quality assurance and manufacturing teams.
Have developed the micro-emulsified aqueous gel base for drugs and cosmetics.
Have developed ultra-viscous JAT base for oral agent.
Acquired by Shin Sheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and consolidated by the group
Obtained the SBIR project sponsorship from the Minister of Economic Affair
Manufacturer cGMP approved by DOH
Food and cosmetic manufacturers were set up
Applied the liposome transmission technique in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.
The first stage of cGMP was approved
CBC donated medicine for one month productivity to victims of 921 earthquake
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